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As you can see, normansustainability.org has a brand new design and lots of new features. We will be running our home page as a blog now, with frequent updates on sustainability issues and local events. If you use RSS feeds, you can subscribe to our updates with the button on the top left. In the categories box just below that, you can click any category to see only posts on that topic. You can also leave comments at any page in the site.

Please check back frequently for updates!

Thanks to everyone who came out last Sunday for our Bergey Wind Power Cook-Out.  We had 30 attendees, some great food, and an excellent tour from our gracious host Mr. Steve Wilke.  Photos of some of our members jumping up and down on a super strong turbine blade should be up on the website soon.

Additionally, we elected our three Steering Committee Anchors.   Gene Perry will be serving 3 months, Brendan Furneaux 6 months, and Angela Chase 9 months.  We’d like to send out a big thanks to these three for assuring that there will be continuity in our NSN event planning.

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