don't call us "hippies"

NSN member Hilary Pitchlynn’s latest OU Daily column:

I don’t eat meat or dairy. I practice yoga. I work to reduce my carbon footprint. But I’m not a hippie. If you knew me, I would probably be the least hip person you knew.

The word “hippie” developed directly from an up and coming scene in San Francisco during the 1960s. “Hippie” itself obviously is rooted in the word “hip” like “hipsters.” These people were on the edge of something new and different than Archie Bunker and the typical American life.

The alleged “hippies” in question today, myself included, have little or nothing to do with the original folks labeled as such “hipsters.” The word itself has been rendered meaningless through misuse; something a friend and I decided to so cleverly call “hippocracy.”

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