sustainable okc president shauna struby featured in oklahoman

Via Going Green:

Most people want to save the world for their children, but Jim and Shauna Struby are making a point of including their children on that journey.

“You want your kid to balance a checkbook or sew on a button, and for me, it’s the same thing,” said Shauna Struby, 52. “The things we’re teaching them will last the rest of their lives.”

The Strubys grow much of their own food and also recycle, have a compost area and began collecting rainwater this year. Their 21-year-old son works on a relative’s organic ranch in California.

From the front yard, the Strubys’ Crown Heights home looks like any other house on the block, with no solar panels and no wind machines. But over the past seven years, Struby family members have layered several “small steps” into their lives to make a big impact.

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