Save Union Station

In what would be one of the most costly and avoidable transportation mistakes in Oklahoma history, the I-40 Crosstown Expressway is scheduled to be relocated through the heart of the Oklahoma City Union Station rail yard.  If completed as planned, the project would eliminate important rail connections that are critical to establishing a modern, first class light rail transit system in central Oklahoma and throughout the whole state.

NSN is working with OnTrac (Oklahomans for New Transportation Alternatives Coalition) to rally popular support for protecting the rail yard.  We need to convince our leaders in state and local government that this is the wrong move!

We are currently working on distributing a petition and planning an October rally in downtown OKC.  This will be a huge undertaking, and we need the support of many volunteers and donors to make it happen.  If you care about ensuring a sustainable transportation infrastructure for Oklahoma, please get in touch!

Check this page for updates on the campaign and more ways to get involved.

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