Students back fair trade petition

From The Oklahoma Daily:

Students are circulating a petition to make all OU purchases of on-campus coffee and tea 100 percent fair trade.

“Our goal is to have coffee and tea sold to students as guilt-free and as conflict-free as possible,” said Lindsay Baugh, Norman Fair Trade spokeswoman and public relations junior.

She said fair trade is a system aimed at protecting coffee and tea farmers around the world, who would otherwise be exploited for their products by large, international corporations.

Housing and Food Services began selling some fair trade products four years ago through partnerships with Starbucks Coffee and Prima Coffee, Lauren Royston, Housing and Food spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.

The petition aims to take the fair trade initiatives further.

“50 percent of the coffee Housing and Food sells across campus is fair trade,” Baugh said. “We want it to be 100 percent.”

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