A tale of two chickens

Oklahoma v. Big Chicken:

When he steps up —in his boots and western suit with his cowboy hat on the table–he will look U.S. District Court Judge Greg Frizzell in the eye and say something like “Your honor, may it please the court.”

And with that the trial that Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson has waited more than four years for will begin today in Tulsa.  Across the courtroom, he will face a busload of lawyers from the Arkansas poultry industry.

They will square off over the issue of whether tons of poultry litter can be spread on the lands of the Illinois River Basin without wreaking environmental havoc on the public surface water.

Oklahoma v. Little Chicken:

When Haley Luna bought a house in Jefferson Park, she decided to also make a home for a dozen chickens. But, she soon got into a flap with the city, and Luna’s little flock was forced out to the country.

“These are animals that we raised in our house from day-old chicks,” Luna said. “They had only been laying eggs for maybe a few weeks by the time I got in trouble for it.”

This wasn’t a situation where neighbors complained about her chickens, which were kept in a large outdoor coop. What she ran up against was a zoning violation.

Maybe since we’re so busy fighting big polluters, we could also allow small farmers to compete with them. Just a thought.

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