Norman featured in Mother Earth News

Norman was named one of the 11 Great Places You’ve (Maybe) Never Heard Of by Mother Earth News. The article gives NSN too much credit for everything going on here.  We are just one out of many groups responsible. But thanks for the props!

Here are some other groups doing great work for sustainability in Norman and Oklahoma:

Oklahoma Sustainability Network
OUr Earth
Norman Bike Coop
Norman Fair Trade
Norman Arts Council
Food and Shelter for Friends
Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative
Oklahoma Food Coop


  1. lone ranger

    There are countless individuals who make norman wonderful. Sustainability is not just a group effort. Still, great job.

  2. Penny Miller

    Congratulations to everyone involved. I am a citizen of a similar-size city not all that far away and your efforts in sustainability are helping to give me my second wind.

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