Sad Day

Statement from OnTrac:

It was reported to us yesterday that construction crews have commenced work on removing the old passenger platforms at Union Station as part of the final phase of the new Crosstown Expressway.  Clearly, this marks the beginning of the demolition and excavation work that will eliminate Union Station’s railyard.

We are deeply saddened by the avoidable and regrettable loss of this invaluable, one-of-a-kind facility.  It is a sorrowful commentary on where are as a state with regard to transportation and rail transit.

At a time when our peer cities and states are well on their way to developing 21st century transportation systems, we can only hope this loss also marks the end of Oklahoma’s ambivalence and disregard for the importance of rail transit.

If we wish to remain economically competitive and to provide our citizens the job and transportation opportunities they deserve for a better quality of life, its imperative that we all work together even harder now if we hope to make rail transit a reality for Oklahoma.

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