OG&E moving toward smart grid

From The Journal Record:

Alford said that technology would include some type of user interface – either computer-based or a countertop device – that would be used by the customer to manage their energy costs.

“The smart meter allows us to read your meter, stop and start service and know when there’s an outage,” he said. “But the other benefits come on the backside, inside the home. Through devices such as a remote thermostat, the customer will have the advantage to time their power use when the cost is cheaper.”

Other devices could cycle a customer’s refrigerator on and off when electricity costs are highest.

“You could set your refrigerator to say ‘I want the temperature to increase by five degrees when electricity is at its most expensive.’ Or, you could tell your air conditioner that for a certain five-hour window, ‘I want the thermostat turned up to 85 degrees.’”

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