Supporting the Porter Corridor Plan

This evening, the Norman City Council will vote on the Porter Avenue Corridor Plan. The Norman Sustainability Network steering committee is endorsing this plan because it will put Norman on the path to improved walkability, encourage local, community-centered businesses, and provide better access to alternative transportation.

The status quo in the Porter corridor is not sustainable. Since the street was first designed, traffic has increased enormously. In many areas sidewalks are non-existent or poorly maintained, and the overall streetscape is not walkable or aesthetically appealing.

The plan being voted on today does not force any businesses or residents to make changes, but it ensures that any changes that are made will follow a clear plan for the overall area. This plan is designed to foster a vibrant, community-focused center of commerce that is friendly to bicycles and pedestrians, much like we have seen with Main Street in recent years.

While no city funds have yet been allocated to improve the streetscape, passing the Porter Corridor Plan is the necessary first step. We need a plan on the books to be eligible for federal grants and to form the basis for public-private partnerships to redevelop the area. Change will continue no matter what the Council does, but we have an opportunity to point that change in the right direction.

We urge all Norman residents, especially those living in or near the Porter Corridor, to attend the City Council meeting today, 6:30pm, at 201 W Gray St, and speak about why it is good for Norman. If you cannot attend, please contact your city councilperson before the vote. You can find their contact information at

Thank you for supporting Norman and efforts toward a more sustainable future.

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