Retrofitting Suburbia

Ellen Dunham-Jones

Retrofitting Suburbia (2008)

As I’m sure, many of my fellow NSN‘ers are aware, Norman has been holding a series of community-wide discussions about the formulation of a ‘High-Density’ ordinance that defines what it is, where it can go, and what limitations there should be for ‘High Density’. I’ve been fascinated by this process and have looked for additional information. I’ve sought and I have found a fascinating TEDx lecture given by Ellen Dunham-Jones entitled ‘Retrofitting Suburbia’, based her book of the same name, that is full of great ideas about how to deal with the future changes that appear to be inevitable. I’ll be sure to mention the High-Density discussions at the coming Green Drinks party, but I would also like to coordinate a watch-party before the next ‘High Density’ discussion, (scheduled for Aug. 30th, @ 6:30pm at the Norman High Conference Center). Hopefully we can work out some of the details at our next meeting. Contact me anytime!

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