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don't call us "hippies"

NSN member Hilary Pitchlynn’s latest OU Daily column: I don’t eat meat or dairy. I practice yoga. I work to reduce my carbon footprint. But I’m not a hippie. If you knew me, I would probably be the least hip person you knew. The word “hippie” developed directly from an up and coming scene in […]

Recommended listening: Krista Tippett on sustainability

Krista Tippett of the wonderful radio program Speaking of Faith, on sustainability: Our emerging national conversation about sustainability has a decidedly “eat your spinach” tone. We’re steeling ourselves to enter the realm of sacrifice, and penance. But as I’ve explored ethics and meaning in American life these past few years, I’ve been struck by the […]

recommended reading

Andrew Revkin, a reporter who has covered environmental issues for 25 years, has a new blog up at the New York Times: Dot Earth.  He’s also put together a narrated slideshow that he describes as “outlining the learning curve that drove me to focus my career, and this blog, on the evolving human relationship with […]