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Seneca Scott featured in Indian Country Today

From Indian County Today: Seneca Scott originally moved from his job in Oklahoma City to north Tulsa to attend law school. Instead, Scott found his calling in neighborhood organizing, along with a passion for making Oklahoma a more environmentally sustainable state. ”Neighborhoods are an extension of family and community,” he said. ”I think that’s why […]

Dump the Pump doubles ridership

From the Norman Transcript: Ridership doubled for Cleveland Area Rapid Transit Thursday during its Dump the Pump initiative, despite threatening rain that canceled the evening concert. “The Dump the Pump passenger totals are tallied, and even though Mother Nature canceled the concert, I think she must have ridden the bus … because everyone else in […]

Oklahoma's painful car culture

From CNN: For many people in Oklahoma, life is built around the car. With several refineries in the region, years of cheap fuel have made it possible for many people to live far from their jobs. Now the situation is unraveling. Read the rest. In rankings of the 50 cities best and worst prepared to […]

don't windfall for it

Cross-posted at Gene Lewis Perry Robert Rapier explains why the “windfall-profits” tax is a bad idea.  Taxing the gas companies is as much of a joke as eliminating the gas tax.  It’s just not the case that taxes play a significant role in gas prices one way or the other. Unfortunately, the Democrats, including Obama, […]