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sustainable okc president shauna struby featured in oklahoman

Via Going Green: Most people want to save the world for their children, but Jim and Shauna Struby are making a point of including their children on that journey. “You want your kid to balance a checkbook or sew on a button, and for me, it’s the same thing,” said Shauna Struby, 52. “The things […]

big victory for Oklahoma rail

From the Edmond Sun: In a remarkable turnabout, a federal agency has thrown a kink in the reconstruction of the I-40 Crosstown Expressway. The decision brings new hope for passenger rail service in Oklahoma, and headaches for the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in the face of soaring costs and dwindling resources. The federal Surface Transportation […]

strawbale house near completion

Myrna Fletcher’s famous strawbale house is in the news once again: Myrna Fletcher wants you to know that you, too, could build a straw bale house. The energetic great-grandmother is closing in on her dream of living in an energy-efficient straw bale house — a dream that’s taken about three-and-a-half years so far to build, […]