strawbale house near completion

Myrna Fletcher’s famous strawbale house is in the news once again:

Myrna Fletcher wants you to know that you, too, could build a straw bale house.

The energetic great-grandmother is closing in on her dream of living in an energy-efficient straw bale house — a dream that’s taken about three-and-a-half years so far to build, mostly by hand.

Outside it may be steamy, 90-plus degree July days, but it’s considerably cooler inside her Southwest-themed, 2,700-square-foot northeast Norman house. There a couple of layers of Oklahoma red mud mixed with sand and chopped straw cover the straw bales, lovingly applied by Fletcher, friends and family including several grandchildren.

“It has the heart of everybody who’s worked (on it),” she says, noting a hand print here or a grandson’s name there.

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