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Supporting the Master Plan

As Norman grows and new areas of town are covered by buildings or asphalt, there is less land to absorb water and less vegetation to filter pollutants. The result is increasing problems of flooding, erosion, and polluted drinking water in Lake Thunderbird. This Tuesday, the Norman City Council is voting on whether to accept the […]

Norman company wins $3M grant for energy efficiency project

From OETA: Norman-based Phononic Devices, Inc. is getting a $3 million-dollar Department of Energy grant to continue work on a project aimed at converting wasted heat into energy. The basis for the research the company is conducting is that 60-percent of the United States’ energy is lost in the form of wasted heat. The company’s […]

Science Cafe on Tar Creek this Thursday

The November gathering of Science Cafe Norman will host Dr. Robert Nairn of the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science. Dr. Nairn will talk about using environmentally conscious methods of passive filtration to purify Tar Creek in eastern Oklahoma, which is polluted due to drainage from abandoned mine sites. Dr. Nairn is a part […]

OU researchers create ecological forecaster

From the OU Daily: Researchers from around the world will soon be able to forecast ecological processes with the development of an “information cafeteria” a team of OU researchers is creating called cyberCommons. CyberCommons will allow others to obtain electronic real-time data of ecological systems. A $6 million grant from the National Science Foundation allowed […]

OKC's first sustainability manager seeks to focus her efforts

From NewsOK: When Autumn Radle first came to work in Oklahoma City, the idea that she would be leading the city’s environmental efforts seemed far-fetched. The New York native, who came to work for the city in 2007 as an urban redevelopment specialist, has undergraduate and master’s degrees in environmental science and planning. Only two […]