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Groovefest Green Team – Call for Volunteers!

We are looking for volunteers to help with recycling and sustainable education at Groovefest # 50, on September 30th in Andrew’s Park!  Please fill out the form below if you are interested in  joining the Green Team…  This is not a final confirmation, so if you are unsure of your availability you can fill out […]

Retrofitting Suburbia

As I’m sure, many of my fellow NSN‘ers are aware, Norman has been holding a series of community-wide discussions about the formulation of a ‘High-Density’ ordinance that defines what it is, where it can go, and what limitations there should be for ‘High Density’. I’ve been fascinated by this process and have looked for additional […]

Evan’s Front-Yard Fall Garden

As anyone who has ever put a shovel in the soil knows, gardening is hard work. I recently attended a Fall Gardening class at the Cleveland County Extension on 601 E. Robinson and the info that they provided motivated me to take advantage of the window of opportunity to get some more gardening in. Everyone […]

Green Drinks and Blog Posts!

The Norman Sustainability Network has been working hard this summer on our Commercial Recycling Petition - so we’ve decided to treat ourselves with another Green Drinks get-together!  On Sunday, August 19th, from 6pm to 8pm we will be hosting a gathering at The Earth Cafe (746 Asp. Ave) that will be open to anyone interested in creating […]