Commercial Recycling: Good for Business, Good for our Future

Commercial Recycling: Good for Business, Good for our Future

In advance of our Recycling Rock Show at the Opolis tonight, we would like to share with the community some of the facts we found about commercial recycling…

  • Commercial Recycling generates new job growth: in recycling collection, support, supervisory and management roles.
  • The cost-effectiveness of community recycling is primarily influenced by the amount of waste targeted for retrieval – by adding commercial recycling to our already existing residential recycling participants, we will increase the cost-effectiveness of both.
  • Cost-effectiveness is also influenced by density – in areas such as Campus Corner and Downtown, the higher density of businesses with recyclables will make the system more financially viable.
  • Trash disposal needs will decrease with a commercial recycling program, which will in turn could reduce already existing costs for business owners.

(Information from the 2011 CalRecycle Cost Study on Commercial Recycling)

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