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Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Norman350 International Day of Climate Action yesterday! You were part of the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history, as people came together for more than 5200 events in 181 countries. You can find photos and a write-up of the Norman event at […]

OU global warming teach-in Feb. 3-6

The National Teach-In will take place at the University of Oklahoma from February 3, 2008 through February 6, 2008 across the campus. The focus of this event is to present solutions and education on global warming. This event will encompass the state, community, and student body at the University of Oklahoma. Below is a list […]

our carbon pulse

This fascinating video show how scientists have mapped out all CO2 emissions in the United States.  The animated graph of emissions over time looks like a heartbeat.