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Growth in Norman: Ending Urban Sprawl and Developing High Density Living

With the recent passage of the $43 million transportation bond package in Norman – a proposal that I personally supported – the topic of urban sprawl has been thrust into the spotlight for community discussion. Over the decades since World War II, most cities in the United States have encouraged and even mandated growth that […]

‘YouTube Night’ Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out Wednesday night, Amanda, Steve, Mary, John, Andy, Laine, Kendrick, Connor, Katelyn, Nicole, the nice girl who will have to remain nameless since I never properly                                               […]

strawbale house near completion

Myrna Fletcher’s famous strawbale house is in the news once again: Myrna Fletcher wants you to know that you, too, could build a straw bale house. The energetic great-grandmother is closing in on her dream of living in an energy-efficient straw bale house — a dream that’s taken about three-and-a-half years so far to build, […]

a solid foundation of straw

NSN member Myrna Fletcher’s strawbale home is featured in this Oklahoma Daily article: When Myrna Fletcher decided to build a new house in Norman, she took an approach that was anything but ordinary: She decided to build it out of straw bales. Fletcher, 69, said she always knew she wanted a nontraditional house. So when […]

accidental environmentalists

Via Kottke, a designer for Navy Federal Credit Union makes the case for green architecture to keep employees happy: At the time, Navy Federal’s turnover rate for telephone operators surpassed 60 percent annually. Ebbesen’s primary task for the new building was to turn that around. But he had no corporate checklist for environmental happiness—until he […]