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OU to host public lectures on disappearance of native languages

From The Associated Press: Linguistics experts at the University of Oklahoma will hold a series of public presentations on the disappearance of indigenous languages. Some estimate that more than 50 percent of American Indian languages will be lost over the next 20 years. Linguistic anthropology professor Mary Linn designed a course that will include a […]

The Fall of Easter Island: eco-lesson or modern myth?

The following post is by Rick Thomas. To contribute articles or blog posts to this site, contact us at [email protected] In presenting their opinions that the societal collapse that occurred on Easter Island was due to the effects of European contact and not self-induced, Terry Hunt and Benny Peiser focus on Jared Diamond’s 1995 Discover […]

the dark side of conservation

The NSN website is a place to share information about our network and announce events. But in the weeks leading up to the OSN Conference, and hopefully afterwards, we will also be featuring articles on issues related to the conference and our mission as a network. We all agree on the importance of the creating […]