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New OU website to feature volunteer opportunities

From The Oklahoma Daily: A new OU Web site,, will allow students to track community service and volunteer hours for classes, campus groups or personal use this fall. The Web site is being tested by about 200 students this semester, said Quyen Arana, associate director of the K20 Center, an OU program that seeks […]

As Capitol press corps shrinks, government controls message

From The Oklahoma Gazette: The sun was down, the building nearly empty — the perfect time to slip in a massive piece of legislation which could alter an entire legal system. Lawmakers were mulling over a simple four-page health bill well after dinnertime when one representative tried tacking on a 133-page lawsuit reform amendment. The […]

Mary Francis and Voices of Reason radio featured in Transcript

From The Norman Transcript: It wasn’t what she’d planned on. In fact, the thought really didn’t even enter her mind, until that trip to Portland. And even afterward — after the trip was over and she’d done the research — she still wasn’t keen on the idea. But Mary Francis believes in community. She’s big […]

strawbale house near completion

Myrna Fletcher’s famous strawbale house is in the news once again: Myrna Fletcher wants you to know that you, too, could build a straw bale house. The energetic great-grandmother is closing in on her dream of living in an energy-efficient straw bale house — a dream that’s taken about three-and-a-half years so far to build, […]

Daily Oklahoman goes green

The Daily Oklahoman has launched a Go Green blog as part of their increased focus on the environment. Check it out! The OSN Conference also got some coverage in Wednesday’s paper.