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Commercial Recycling: Good for Business, Good for our Future

Commercial Recycling: Good for Business, Good for our Future In advance of our Recycling Rock Show at the Opolis tonight, we would like to share with the community some of the facts we found about commercial recycling… Commercial Recycling generates new job growth: in recycling collection, support, supervisory and management roles. The cost-effectiveness of community recycling […]

‘YouTube Night’ Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out Wednesday night, Amanda, Steve, Mary, John, Andy, Laine, Kendrick, Connor, Katelyn, Nicole, the nice girl who will have to remain nameless since I never properly                                               […]

Retrofitting Suburbia

As I’m sure, many of my fellow NSN‘ers are aware, Norman has been holding a series of community-wide discussions about the formulation of a ‘High-Density’ ordinance that defines what it is, where it can go, and what limitations there should be for ‘High Density’. I’ve been fascinated by this process and have looked for additional […]