Upcoming Events

January = New Year, New Community Gathering

February = Mardi Gras Parade Volunteering + NSN Garden Tour: Preparing to Plant

March = Candidate Forum + Growing Food Gardens in Central Oklahoma- Planting: Basics and More [Part 1 in a 3 Part Series]

April = Norman Music Festival Volunteering + Earth Day Tabling + Growing Food Gardens in Central Oklahoma- Plant Maintenance: Dealing with Common Pests and Problems [Part 2 in a 3 Part Series]

May = Growing Food in Central Oklahoma- Harvesting: Cultivating to Increase Propagation and Helping your Plants in the Heat [Part 3 in a 3 Part Series]

June = Summer Water Conservation at Home

July = Green Drinks

August = What to do with Garden Abundance- Fermentation, Pickling and more!

September = Groovefest Volunteering

October = Homemade Herbal Remedies and Beauty Products

November = Cold Frame/Hoop House Gardening

December = Community Forum on Sustainability in Norman


(Events subject to change, please check back for updates)


  1. Gary Thomas

    How do I connect with people on Central Oklahoma interested in Straw Bale, papercrete, rain water cisterns, etc?

  2. Evan Dunn

    Hi Gary,
    That’s a good question! I know there a couple folks locally who have worked with Straw bale as a construction material, and my friend John Rushton has built the ‘netting’ and frames for two cistern jars at his house.
    My number is 405-625-5655: if you send me your contact info I can forward it to John and try to find out how to contact the straw-bale user.

    Are you starting your own project?

  3. Kendra Jones

    I am also interested in sustainable community design and building as well as learning more education of straw Bale construction and cisterns Garry. Please note recommendations.

  4. Evan Dunn

    Hey Kendra!!!
    I’m so sorry I hadn’t responded to this earlier!!! I just saw it. I wish I had been notified that you had commented b/c I would have been in touch about our GREEN DRINKS ‘New Year New Community’ event that I hosted at my house…:-(

    But that time has come and gone. We are going to be tabling at the Mardi Gras parade on February 9th and if you want to get more group feedback you can post in the facebook NSN group page. Are you both members of that too? PLEASE get in touch with me when you both can and I can try to help!!! :-)

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